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Thursday, February 29, 2024

MEP hints Scotland will be ‘better off’ than England if it rejoins EU

A leading MEP has claimed that Scotland would be ‘better off’ if it goes independent and rejoins the European Union, hinting it could perform better than England after Brexit.

Philippe Lamberts, the Belgian co-president of the Green Party in the European Parliament, compared Scotland’s potential to Ireland which remains an island away from the main bloc but still prospers from its links.

He told the Express: “Firstly, from a geographical point of view, Scotland is the first economic partner of England. There is no denying this.

“But as Ireland discovered, you can be an island and still be connected to the EU.

“The same reasoning could apply for Scotland, and I would assume the EU will have a smart economic policy so ultimately Scotland can have an economic benefit if it joins the EU.”

He said it would mean that Scotland “can be better off” as a result.

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