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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Zaev in “Economist”: For us there is no alternative but the EU

“There is no alternative but the future in the EU, we want to Europeanize our countries, Skopje, Pristina, Belgrade, Tirana, Podgorica and Sarajevo, we all want to feel the benefits inside”, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev during his participation in the “Economist” conference, adding that “we are like an island surrounded by EU countries and the European Union must be unified”, MIA correspondent from Athens reported.

As part of the “25th round table with the Greek government” which this year is on the topic: “From social distancing to social solidarity”, Prime Minister Zaev this morning participated in the discussion discussion on strengthening cooperation and solidarity in Southeast Europe , EU enlargement, trade and investment, and peace and better understanding initiatives.

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