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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Wedding restaurants require protocols to get started

Urgent removal of Article 14 of the Decree issued on 23.06.2020 which prohibits the organization of any kind of events in open and closed parts of the hotel facility, are requested by the members of the Tourist-Hotel Chamber (OTH).

They today at the press conference appealed to the state to bring relevant protocols to start work. If this does not happen, as they warned, next week there will be mass protests.

“Starting from 15.03.2020, we as hotel facilities for organizing events, almost a year do not have a protocol for the start of our activity. We are the only economic operators who have 11 months of work suspension, while we used partial state aid in support of wages and contributions, which lasted only six months. We have large capacities, adequate size and opportunities for holding organized events, which can save the approved protocols according to which others operate, “A la carte” restaurants with limited working hours. Let’s not keep thousands of young couples in doubt this season, like last year. To prevent a repeat of last year’s release, when young couples were forced to perform their wedding ceremonies in their backyards and weekend homes, without being able to apply adequate protocol remotely and without sanitation -hygienic necessary “, reacted the members of OTH, reports Zhurnal.mk

According to them, the payment of one-time cash assistance in the form of a guarantor with a maximum value of 10,000 euros, is 2-4 percent of the total turnover realized in 2019, which is the minimum support for servicing the expenses of this category of hotels. considering the size of the facilities they manage.

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