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Vukanovic: Vucic is controlling Dodik according to the Directive of Germany

“Dodik is very afraid of Vucic, aware of Vucic’s power to destroy him overnight through his media and intelligence service, having in mind all the big affairs, corruption scandals,and dirty business in which Dodik participates, ” said Nebojsa Vukanovic, a deputy in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska (RS).

He stated that Vucic persistently does not want to officially answer the question about the origin and purchase of money for the villa that Dodik bought in Dedinje worth one million and 700 thousand euros in front of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and RS.

“It is enough for Vucic to send those papers so it could be seenhow Dodik laundered money and for him to end his political career. So, Dodik is in Vucic’s hands and it can be said that the two of them can’t stand each other, however, Dodik is afraid of him and is constantly running after him. On the other hand, Vucic is too close to Angela Merkel and I am sure that he, under the directive of Germany, decided to restrain Dodik a bit and force him to be cooperative, ” told the politician from Trebinje.

He added that Dodik now seems scared because there is obviously no feedback on how he could be punished for his behavior.

“I have persistently warned him for years not to provoke the international community, not to sabotage BiH institutions, not to block their work, and what I warned of is happening now. I insist that Dodik bears responsibility and I see no reason why the opposition of RS should give him a lifeline and an alibi. We should and can have common positions on some national issues, but by no means should we be a lifeline to Dodik or fall into his traps. The greatest enemy of RS and Serbs on this side of the Drina is Milorad Dodik, who should be removed from power by democratic means, and not to give an alibi and have any cooperation. He is the cause of everything that happens to us, he provoked foreigners, the international community, insulted Muslims, belittled the victims, he constantly provoked them and now the whole nation does not need to pay but the one who cooked all this, ” he emphasized.

Asked how he sees a way out of the current crisis after the decision to boycott the work of BiH institutions, Vukanovic reminded that the RS Parliament, after the SDA declaration last year, decided to break the coalition with the SDA and stop RS representatives in joint institutions from acting.

“After only two days, Dodik went to the session of the Presidency and voted. This is not the first time that he has broke not only his word, which has no significance, but also the decisions of the highest institutions of RS, such as the National Assembly. In the fall, he will probably go to a session, and very soon he will break all the decisions he made. Why? Because he is blackmailed and because the powerful people are holding him in hand. The biggest issue is that the international community supports such corrupt politicians in BiH and they suit thembecause, through them, they can carry out all their actions, “Nebojsa Vukanovic said in an interview, Klix.ba writes.

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