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Thursday, December 7, 2023

U.S funds project that will increase customs security at Albania-North Macedonia border

Border security amongst Albania and North Macedonia will reach a higher standard, thanks to the projects funded by the Agency of the United State for International Development (USAID).

The US government is helping the customs administration of both countries in order to set up a joint border-crossing point, the one in Qafe Thana, with the aim of significantly bringing down waiting times, for the transport of goods across the borders, – which is being seen as a fundamental step that prepares these countries in terms of their economic integration into the European Union.

The US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim stated that this project will increase the standards for both countries, by reconfirming the support of the US for their integration into the EU.

“Today, Albania and North Macedonia are at the doorstep of their EU membership and the US supports this goal. The devices bought by USAID will ensure that customs authorities reach higher standards in the conduct of border crossing procedures, alleviating the environment for businesses as well as security controls,” stated the US ambassador.

This project includes gear such as mobile scanners, density calculators, cameras as well as other technological devices.

The US ambassador to North Macedonia, Kate Marie Byrnes, said that the agreement for the bilateral framework on creating joint customs points, signed by both Prime minister, Rama and Zaev, will help in building stronger economies in both countries.

The USAID project for economic development is a regional initiative that is being carried out across 12 countries in Europe and Euro-Asia, which aims to create comprehensive and stable economic growth as well as support regional and Euro-Atlantic integration.

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