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Monday, August 8, 2022

“Two states offer guarantee for Thaci’s release”, says defense of former President

The defense attorney of Kosovo’s former President told the Special Court at the Hague that some countries are willing to come forward as “third-party guarantees” for his release.

Gregory Kehoe criticized the Special Prosecution for denying Hashim Thaçi the opportunity for release.

In addition, the American attorney argued that the Special Prosecution has removed any timely context of when it planned to start the trial.

Euronews Albania correspondent, Kosove Gjoci, reported that the defense counsel of President Thaci said that two states are offering to stand as guarantors for his release from the pretrial detention facility.

“The reference is for two NATO countries, and unofficial sources claim it is Slovenia and Croatia”.

Thaci’s attorney also complained over a lack of trust on the side of the court in front of the two NATO member states, which as he argued, have demanded the establishment of that very court, explained our correspondent.

The Special Prosecution Office indicted Kosovo’s former President Hashim Thaci on counts of war against humanity and war crimes, including here murder, enforced disappearances, persecution and torture.

A few months ago, the defense counsel submitted a complaint demanding to revoke Thaci’s indictment, emphasizing a “lack of jurisdiction”.

The defense also argued that the former president’s rights to an unbiased and fair trial within a reasonable time have been violated.

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