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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Tobacco manufacturers dissatisfied with the purchase price of tobacco

Tobacco manufacturers are waiting for tomorrow and the meeting with the initiating board with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

There are great expectations from some tobacco manufacturers that the problem will be overcome with the mediation of the Prime Minister, and so tobacco manufacturers on FB are publishing their views and where, a large part insist that tobacco is not delivered until there is no agreement from the meeting, reports Zhurnal .

However, a large proportion of tobacco manufacturers gives their tobacco, frustrated by the assessment, submit the calculations. It is often considered that the tobacco class is rated two degrees below. tobacco manufacturers say that this year the rating of tobacco is even worse than in 2015, when the average price was 184 denars, this year according to the Ministry of Agriculture, 167 denars per kilogram, not to mention compared to last year when tobacco was average price of 220 denars.

Tobacco producers from the initiating board meanwhile do not rule out the possibility of blockades and protests. They urge tobacco manufacturers not to criticize on FB, but when there are protests to come out in blockages.

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