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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The fifth economic package in Macedonia will be approved in February

There are still no details on which sectors will be a priority and how they will be assisted. All this will be made known after talks with chambers, unions and affected parties.

“The meeting should be held after the Easter holiday, around January 10, in order to see all aspects, while in early February we will approve the measures,” said Zaev.

In addition to the aid package, the state will also revive the economy through “Action 21”. The plans for this year are for the budget to be filled through the sale of agricultural lands, to open new opportunities for the legalization of cash and marijuana.

“This year is the time of resumption and revival, crises are opportunities, it depends on us how we will use this opportunity,” said Zaev.

According to him, the new year will not be easy, but the numbers achieved over the years are encouraging.

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