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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Social media: shocking that censorship has returned says MEP

Blocking Donald Trump’s social media accounts is not only an outrageous scandal, but also a proof that the global power centres have moved to areas where they are not democratically controlled anymore, professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski, an MEP of the Law and Justice party (PiS) told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Twitter and other social media platforms banned the outgoing US President because of “the risk of further incitement to violence,” after the riots at the Capitol in Washington DC. On Wednesday, YouTube announced that it has also suspended Donald Trump’s account.

In the opinion of prof. Krasnodębski, this situation shows that nowadays, one decision can cut the channels of communication of the President of the strongest superpower in the world.

“It turns out that the office of the US President is weaker than the owners of social media such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition it all happens under the slogan of ‘protecting democracy’ even though it has nothing to do with democracy when non-elected owners of social networks can judge what is right, what can be told and deprive the US president of the ability to communicate with society. This is not only an outrageous scandal, but also proof that the global power centres have moved to areas that are not democratically controlled anymore. We are dealing with a kind of oligarchy,” he added.

Mr Krasnodębski stressed that the “allies of this oligarchy nowadays are left-wing forces, responsible for riots on American streets after the death of George Floyd.”

“This is an alliance of left-wing anarchy and corporations, an alleged proletariat with large online enterprises and global capital in general. We all remember what was going on during Black Lives Matter protests. Regardless of our opinion of Donald Trump’s presidency and recent events at the Capitol, this is a signal that we have entered a new era of power centres which are not democratically controlled,” the MEP told PAP.

“There is a group of people convinced that they have the monopoly for the truth, the monopoly for righteousness of statements and their task is to control the communication. They believe that democracy is when in the public sphere there are only those opinions they accept. It all happens under the pretence of a struggle against lies and hate speech. Simultaneously, the same hate speech targeted at those who in the opinion of social media owners deserve it, faces no objection,” he said.

“This is conviction of the right for censorship in the name of political righteousness and alleged protection of democracy as well as creation of the right to punish ‘improper’ political activities and statements. It is shocking that censorship has returned,” Mr Krasnodębski concluded.

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