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‘Set a goal. Make a plan. Go for it!’: Gul Panag shares mantra to achieve life goals

Getting affected by what others have to say about your decisions can be one of the biggest impediments when it comes to achieving life goals. Actor Gul Panag totally agrees, as she recently opened up about getting private pilot’s license five years ago which was a long-cherished dream for her.

“A dream that would have remained a dream without an action plan,” she wrote alongside a photo in which she can be seen in a pilot’s uniform.

“I had a lot of folks ask me why I was pursuing flying when I didn’t want to work as a pilot. In fact, when I started flying, I had folks say I won’t be able to go through with it, that I wouldn’t finish what I started. Truth be told, it wasn’t smooth sailing. I got very busy with work right after starting. It became hard to manage time. It became hard to find the will to do so. And then I remembered the naysayers. And realised I owed it to myself, to find a way forward,” she mentioned.

According to the 44-year-old, just making a plan is not enough. “One has to regularly check-in and see what progress has been made, and recalibrate the plan if need be,” she expressed.

In case, you have also been facing tough times when it comes to people questioning your dreams and aspirations, it is time to believe in yourself and just go ahead with it!

“All of us have stories of the triumph of self-belief where we accomplish goals that others said we wouldn’t be able to. I have many such stories,” she said.

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