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Riko completes Slovenia country pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020

Leading European engineering group Riko has announced the successful completion of the Slovenian country pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai and handed it over to the authorities.

The pavilion, located in the Sustainability District, has been built from wood, has green facade and is surrounded by water, highlighting the three main natural resources of Slovenia – wood, green environment and water.

The conceptual design of the 1,550-sq-m facility, was prepared by Magnet Design from Ljubljana and has been inspired by the revered architect Jože Plečnik, whose iconic works including the Triple Bridge located in the nation’s capital of Ljubljana.

The pavilion will present Slovenia to the visitors of the exhibition as a green heart in the centre of Europe, a crossroads of land and sea routes with an important geostrategic position.

Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek symbolically took over, on behalf of Slovenia, the management of the country’s pavilion at a special ceremony held during his official visit to the UAE last week.

Addressing the gathering, Počivalšek said: “Slovenia will show know-how, innovation and energy at the Expo”.

“Our pavilion will highlight Slovenia as the green heart in the center of Europe, the intersection of land and sea transport routes and an important geostrategic country. It will showcase three elements that best identify Slovenia: water, as a symbol of life, vitality, flow of materials and ideas; the floating forest, the nature that is the heart of Slovenia and the soul of Europe; and a sieve, a large “parasol”, a wooden umbrella, which is a technological invention with a strong Slovenian identity,” he added.

According to him, the aim of Slovenia’s participation in Expo Dubai is to strengthen the presence in the markets of South Asian, African and Middle East countries.

“This is also key in light of post-Covid relief efforts. Slovenia’s pavilion will be one of the 83 separate venues, where Slovenian as well as European characteristics will be presented – the EU will not have its own pavilion this year,” he added.

Thanks to the EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2021 Slovenia is expected to be in the spotlight.

Slovenia’s Expo 2020 commissioner general Matic Volk pointed out that Slovenia’s pavilion was in the sustainability venue, right by the expo’s entrance.

“The structure in the Sustainability District will make innovative use of glass, steel, and water to give visitors the impression they are surrounded by a forest suspended in the air. The promotional slogan will be Green, Creative, Smart,” he stated.

“Slovenian pavilion will be located by the entrance of the key pillar (district) of Sustainability. Therefore, if you will want to visit the Slovenian pavilion you surely won’t have a hard time finding it,” he added.

Themed the ‘Smart Green Cloud’, the Slovenia Pavilion will use elements of water, nature, and technology to engage all five senses and give visitors an in-depth view of Slovenian culture.

Populated by Slovenian plant species, the ‘floating forest’ will be topped off by a sieve-dome that resembles a parasol. The design is inspired by the revered architect Jože Plečnik, whose iconic works including the Triple Bridge live on today in the nation’s capital of Ljubljana.

The ground floor’s theme will be water, presenting the country’s sea, rivers, lakes, and particularly drinking water. Water will be surrounding the central part or a market with the four cardinal points marked on the floor, representing Slovenia’s position at the nexus of transport routes.

The first floor will be showcasing Slovenia’s forests, with green plants climbing the wooden rim of the structure. The plants will be kept cold and hydrated during the event, providing cooling refreshment for visitors.

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