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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Predan: Slovenian EU presidency will do its best to resolve Skopje-Sofia issue

The Slovenian Presidency with the EU is very motivated to resolve the issue between Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria. There is already intense communication between our presidency with Sofia, with Brussels and with other EU member states. We would like to have as clear pictures as possible for certain positions and we would not like to wait until December, but if possible to resolve this issue earlier.

This was stated today by the Slovenian Ambassador to the country, Milan Predan, presenting the priorities of the Slovenian presidency in the European Union at the joint session of the National Council for European Integration and the Committee on European Affairs in the Assembly.

The Slovenian ambassador needs political will and pragmatism on both sides. He said that they can not promise political miracles, because, as he said, in international politics what we can promise is hard work, quiet diplomacy.

Predan warned that one of Slovenia’s most important priorities will be EU enlargement to the countries of the Western Balkans.

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