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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Pendarovski: Normalization and development of the economy through joint efforts

“With joint efforts to return to the old ways we were and improve performance in bilateral economic cooperation,” said President Stevo Pendarovski in a speech today at a meeting with businessmen from northern Macedonia and Croatia in Zagreb on the second day of his official visit to Croatia.

The delegation of Northern Macedonia includes businessmen from the Association of Chambers of Commerce, while the meeting was organized together with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The meeting reviews the potentials for continued cooperation before the pandemic, with emphasis on new investment opportunities.

The President said that the pandemic has caused great damage to the economies of the two countries and expressed hope that the affected sectors such as tourism will soon return to normal with the opening of the borders. For this, he stressed, the vaccination against Kovid-19 is important and it is good that there is a high percentage of vaccinated in both countries.

“Without vaccination there is no safe development of the economy and return to what it was before. Your percentages are slightly higher than ours, I can not say that even in Northern Macedonia there is a more massive phase of immunization and I expect that within a month and a half in the future we will reach over half of the majority of vaccinated, so open the doors for the return of the old roads “, said Pendarovski.

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