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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Patients from the Tetovo cluster are refusing to cooperate in identifying other potential cases

While overall the coronavirus infection rate is currently very low in Macedonia, the number of cases reported by the Healthcare Ministry each day, and the number of total active cases, have been growing lately to about two dozen/200.

This increase is largely driven by a small outbreak in Tetovo, which includes patients with the so-called Delta strain. Of the 21 new cases reported yesterday, 11 were from Tetovo. There are 65 active cases in the city, which amounts to more than a quarter of all cases in the country.

Healthcare authorities say that the Tetovo cases were mostly linked to one family celebration, but also that the patients are refusing to cooperate and are not naming all participants.

We require cooperation so that we can prevent forming of new clusters, the Healthcare Ministry said.

Of the 65 active cases, only 12 patients are showing symptoms, and none require hospitalization.

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