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Online commerce grows in the face of pandemics

Due to the corona crisis, citizens changed their consumption habits. 36% of them have increased the volume of online shopping. Since the beginning of the crisis, there has been a 177% increase in online transactions with local e-merchants. However, citizens do not have much confidence in foreign traders and therefore the purchase has decreased by 36%. Northern Macedonia is ranked at the top, but due to the low level of digital skills of the population, said at the online conference, the president of the Association for E-Commerce, Nina Angellovska.

-The biggest challenge is the low digital education of the population and secondly – finding the right staff. The biggest obstacle is the low level of awareness and habits for online shopping as well as distrust “, declared Nina Angellovska, president of the Association for E-commerce.

US Ambassador Kate Mary Burns emphasized support for e-commerce development.

“This could have a significant impact on the economy,” he said. This helps to create new opportunities, especially for young people who in recent years have moved in numbers which is extremely worrying. This country has tremendous technological potential. “Using these potentials, they will be able to raise Northern Macedonia, and they can also turn it into a regional leader in E-Commerce”, Kate Mary Burns, US Ambassador to the country.

We are proud to have helped many companies through online commerce to ensure the growth and existence of their businesses, said the US Ambassador. Covid-19 influenced the change of electronic consumer habits. Of the 2,800 respondents, 37% make significantly more online purchases, and nearly 20% have started paying their bills online for the first time using government e-services. The lower the price, the greater the impact on the decision to buy online.

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