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Nearly 80 per cent of Americans — including Republicans — believe Biden won election, poll shows

Almost 80 per of Americans consider Joe Biden to be the winner of the US presidential election, a new poll has shown.

This comes as Donald Trump continues to make groundless allegations about voter fraud in the 3 November election, while refusing to concede defeat to his Democratic opponent.

The findings of the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, carried out between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday, reveal that the incumbent president’s approach is out of touch with most Americans, who view the results as clear-cut.

After Mr Biden was declared president-elect on Saturday, 79 per cent of the 469 people surveyed said that Mr Biden had won the race for the White House. This included roughly six in 10 Republicans.

Of the remaining respondents, 13 per cent said a winner had not been decided, 5 per cent were unsure who had won and only 3 per cent considered Mr Trump the victor.

In a poll that was part of the same broader survey, 70 per cent of Americans said they trusted local election officials to “do their job honestly”. While 83 per cent of Democrats thought this was the case, only 59 per cent of Republicans agreed.

Pollsters also found that 72 per cent of people believe that a presidential candidate who loses the election should concede defeat, and that 60 per cent are optimistic about a peaceful transfer of power on 20 January.

Although Mr Trump has refused to accept his election defeat and is still pursuing legal action in some key battleground states, Mr Biden has started work with his transition team from its makeshift headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

However, the president-elect faces some hurdles, as Mr Trump has blocked him from intelligence briefings and has withheld federal funding designed to help a transfer of power.

On Tuesday, Mr Biden said it was an “embarrassment” that the sitting president had not conceded but added that his plans had not been affected.

His words came on the same day that Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, predicted a “second Trump administration”, against all the evidence to the contrary.

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