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NASA’s Perseverance rover to explore mysteries of Mars

February 2021 is a month dedicated to Mars. Both the UAE and China have reached orbit around the Red Planet and NASA has launched its own mission which should arrive on Mars soon. We take a closer look in this edition of Tech 24.

It’s the first major space event of the year: the landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars. Its mission is to search for signs of ancient microbial life, which will advance the agency’s quest to know whether the Red Planet was once inhabited and by who.

Our tech editor Peter O’Brien tells us more about the so-called “seven minutes of terror” between arriving at high speed at the top of Mars’s atmosphere to landing at a precise location on its surface.

We also speak to Barbara Belvisi, the CEO of Interstellar Lab, which creates space-inspired villages to help solve problems here on Earth. We also ask her how realistic the prospect is of colonising Mars by 2026 as tech tycoon Elon Musk is suggesting.

And in Test 24, we try new augmented reality glasses by the Canadian firm eSight. Their mission is to transform the lives of people who are visually impaired.

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