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Myanmar military to hold new elections after 1-year state of emergency

The Myanmar military said on Monday that it will rerun the multi-party general elections after a one-year state of emergency declared earlier in the day.

The Union Election Commission will be reformed and the electoral process in the parliamentary elections held in November 2020 will be reviewed in accordance with the laws, the military said in a televised statement.

“After the state of emergency period, free and fair multi-party general elections will be rerun and the state power will be handed over to an elected party which meets the democratic standards,’’ it said.

The statement came after the President’s Office declared a state of emergency which will last for one year in the country.

The declaration of emergency, signed by First Vice President U Myint Swe, who is serving as the acting president, was announced on the military-owned Myawaddy TV.

The state power will be handed over to Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Min Aung Hlaing, the TV said in a statement.

“The President shall declare the transferring of legislative, executive and judicial powers of the Union to the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services to enable him to carry out necessary measures to speedily restore its original situation in the Union,“Section 418 (a) of the Constitution said.

The legislative functions of all parliaments and leading bodies will be suspended from the day of declaration, it said.

Earlier in the day, Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint and other senior officials were detained by the military.

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