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Friday, December 2, 2022

Liberia: Weah Launches Air-Liberia, but no Plane

President George Weah on Friday announcing the launching of Liberia’s first postwar national carrier at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County, but there was no plane to showcase for such elaborate program.

However, a statement release by Mr. Weah office said by launching the national carrier, President Weah has achieved one of the things he had long desired to see in the country–the Republic of Liberia owning its own air carrier.

“Having known that Liberia once owned what was then called “Liberia Airway” before the civil war, and feeling jealous seeing other smaller nations owning their own planes, the President had harbored the wish for the country to return to the sky with its red, white and blue colors,” the release says.

“I am so delighted to be here today to witness this ceremony organized by the promoters of the new airline to be known and styled as Lone Star Air, Wings of Liberia, to operate as a national flag carrier for Liberia,” he says.

He notes that the launch of Lone Star Air was consistent with his long-held wish, vision and clarion call for Liberia’s place in the international aviation industry; for fair-minded investors to take interest and explore investment opportunities in the sector.

Mr. Weah recalls how he, on many occasions, promoted the need for investors to explore the aviation field and to engage into enterprises that create jobs and bolster the Liberian economy.

He specifically recalls that upon return from his first official visit to France, he encouraged investors to develop a new Liberian airline that will connect Liberia to the West African Sub-region and rest of the world.

“Recently, I was so happy when I was informed by authorities of the Ministry of Transport that potential investors from our sister country of Ghana had formed partnership with Liberian] entrepreneurs and have applied to the aviation authority for permission to jointly develop a new airline for Liberia,” President Weah explains, thanking those who have undertaken the landmark initiative.

“It has been my dream, hope and vision that we will very soon see Lone Star Air, the Wings of Liberia, flying our flag in international skies, shining so brightly,” he continues.

President Weah maintains that it is his strongest conviction that the launch of Lone Star Air is a timely initiative that should be commended and encouraged.

He discloses that he has instructed the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority to give necessary support to the venture within the frameworks of all applicable laws and regulations, both domestically and internationally, to ensure that there is no compromise with the safety of citizens who will utilize the proposed services.

Meanwhile, with all the joy and peasantry, it is not yet know when the first Lone Star Air will ever land at the Roberts International Airport. Until then it remains the Presidents dream.

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