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Ilham Aliyev: For the 1st time in history, Azerbaijani gas is already in Europe

Baku, January 11 – Neftegaz.RU. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in a video format on the country’s results of 2020 said:
the Southern Gas Corridor has been fully commissioned.
Its last segment, TAP, has been commissioned.
For the first time in history, Azerbaijani gas is already in Europe.
This is our historic achievement.

Azerbaijani gas also has reached Italy through the Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), Turkish Foreign Ministry announced on Twitter.
TAP is now in service and Azerbaijan gas has reached Italy. Southern Gas Corridor has become operational.
The project, which is regarded as playing a significant role in Europe’s energy security and diversification, secured $3.9 billion in financing from international financial institutions.

Greece also started receiving Azerbaijani gas through the TAP, Greece’s state-controlled gas utility DEPA announced.
The CEO of DEPA, Konstantinos Xifaras noted:
the start of supplies via TAP pipeline is a milestone for DEPA.
It is the culmination of our company’s efforts of more than 7 years to get access to the Caspian gas in Greece, getting a new source of supply at particularly competitive prices.
With the new gas from TAP, DEPA will further improve its commercial position in the Greek market.
DEPA signed a 25-year gas supply contract with TAP in 2013 for the supply of natural gas from the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan.

Embassy of the U.S. in Azerbaijan expressed congratulations to the country on the historic completion of the Southern Gas Corridor:
The US has consistently championed Azerbaijan’s contributions to euro energy security.

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