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‘I learnt how to be happy, because I know what unhappiness feels like’: Lilly Singh

In 2018, in an interview with Tom Bilyeu, YouTuber Lilly Singh had talked about her success and how she came to be a YouTuber.

“I was the last person to catch onto YouTube. I spontaneously, one day, posted a video. Not because I thought it was my job, not because I thought I could make money from it, but because I was sad. I was getting my psychology degree and I wasn’t passionate about it. In 2010, I posted my first video really spontaneously; it was very very very bad and it got 70 views and I think I fell in love with having a goal during downtime and learning something new, something I wasn’t trained at,” said the 32-year-old.

Talking about becoming successful, Singh said, “I reflect back in my life and I think of all the times I really became a better person, a smarter person and it is because of something that was very hurtful or painful or an unpleasant experience.”

“A big part of finding out what’s right for you is to stop confining yourself to a path that you’ve been convinced is the path,” she said.

She talked about the importance of hustling and working hard. “Back in the day, celebrities were perfect, they were always on and flawless. I would like to show people a person who works really long hours, gets really tired, get pimples and that’s what it takes to do what I am doing. It is not that I show up and everything is glamorous and I reap all the benefits. That is not what it is. There are no tips and tricks, it is just a lot of work. A lot of focused work. The biggest message you can drive home is that of course there are practices and things you can do but you need to stop making excuses, put your head down, make a plan and execute it.”

She ended on a positive note, saying, “I think I really want to encourage people to believe that whatever they want to be, even if it doesn’t exist, is possible. If you mix creativity with hustling hard, any job decision, anything you want to become is possible.”

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