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Holiday prices fall by 52 per cent amid travel uncertainty

The cost of summer holidays have plummeted by as much as 52 per cent compared to 2019, according to a price comparison expert.

Analysis from Travelsupermarket.com revealed package holidays to Malta are now 52 per cent cheaper than they were before the pandemic.

By comparison, a trip to Spain is currently around 20 per cent less while Greece and Portugal have seen drops of 11 and 12 per cent respectively – according to The Telegraph.

Holidays remain uncertain because of the ongoing restrictions both at home and abroad.

Package prices have also plummeted to the Canary Islands.

TravelSupermarket spokesperson Emma Couthurst said: “Being off the west coast of Africa and a longer flight away, the Canaries tend to be a pricier option than their mainland and Balearic cousins.

“But many Spanish on the mainland, who would normally travel to the Canaries, are choosing to holiday at home.

“As a result, it is mostly Canarians holidaying in their own backyard and a small smattering of Europeans. With only a small number of visitors to the Islands, holiday prices have plummeted.”

For example, Malta is only accepting holidaymakers who have been double-jabbed which limits the number of tourists who are able to travel to the country.

It comes amid growing speculation fully vaccinated British holidaymakers returning from Spain and Greece may find themselves having to quarantine when they get home.

As Covid cases continue to rise in both countries, new rules mean France is exempt from the list of countries allowing double-jabbed people to skip isolation under the amber plus list.

The last-minute decision was a result of concerns from the UK government over the Beta variant, first identified in South Africa.

It is now feared Spain and Greece will be added to the amber-plus list as cases soar in both countries.

Spain and Greece have recently moved to tighten Covid restrictions after experiencing an increase infections.

Night curfews have been reintroduced in more than 30 towns in the Mediterranean region of Valencia, including in the city of Valencia and popular coastal destination of Benicassim.

Authorities in Greece blamed soaring infection numbers on people not coming forward to be vaccinated.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all aligned with England in the new rules for double-jabbed travellers and the exemption for France.

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