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Greek shipowners invest $ 3.76 billion in ship purchases in the 2021 first half

Atrading explosion occurred in the secondhand ship market during the first half of 2021 according to Allied Shipborking.

In the first half of 2021, 1,060 ships worth $ 15.3 billion changed hands, about the same as in the whole of 2020 when 1,188 ships worth $ 16.5 billion were bought and sold. In the first half of last year, only 504 transactions were made.

Of the 1,060 ships, 515 worth $ 7.27 billion were in bulk dry cargo. During the same period last year, 193 Bulkers had changed hands.

They are followed by tankers with transactions involving 270 ships worth $ 5.24 billion (183 transactions last year) and containerships with 178 ships worth $ 2.09 billion changing hands (59 last year).

Greek shipowners were champions for another year in the purchase and sale of ships as they invested 3.76 billion dollars for the purchases of 228 ships with the Chinese following in second place investing 2.55 billion dollars for the purchases of 189 ships.

The Japanese were first as sellers with 156 ships, of which 117 are Bulk carriers while in second place are the Greek shipowners with 128 ships.

Of the 228 ships purchased by the Greeks, more than half (144) were bulk carriers for which they spent $ 2.24 billion, while they also acquired 53 tankers for $ 1.11 billion and 21 container ships with only $ 110 million

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