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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Government of Macedonia: Excise tax on diesel has been removed, we protect the standard of citizens

The Government of Northern Macedonia in a press release says that it has abolished the additional excise tax on diesel, adding that with this the citizens will pay a lower price for two denars.

The Government says that the goal is to protect the standard of citizens through variable excise, which depends on the world stock market.

“With the legal changes that were made during April of this year, we ensured that there is no increase in fuel prices, so we have left the variable margin which is related to the price of oil on the world stock exchange. Thus, if the price of oil on the world stock market will increase, this margin will decrease and will affect the final price of fuels in our country. According to the legal solution, the additional excise tax of three denars on gasoline is provided until the world stock price is below 390 dollars per ton, if it is between 390 and 590 dollars per ton, the additional excise tax will reach 2 denars and if it is over 590 dollars per ton , then the additional excise is 0 denars, ie it is abolished ”.

“For diesel and extra light household oil, an additional excise tax of 3 denars is provided if the price on the world stock exchange is below 400 dollars. An additional excise of 2 denars is foreseen for diesel when in the world stock exchange it is between 400 and 600 dollars per ton, if the price in the world stock exchange is over 600 dollars, it reaches 0 denars “, it is said in the announcement of the Government.

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