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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Foreign Ministry: Some countries do not adapt, it is safest for citizens NOT to travel with expired passports

The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs notified all countries about the extended validity of the expired passports (which expire after July 31, 2020), but despite that some countries do not accept these passports as valid.

Due to the dilemmas of the citizens, who are not sure whether it is wise to travel with such documents, “A1on” sought answers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is constantly making, there are still countries that find it more difficult to adapt to these changes and do not treat such documents in full compliance with the amendments to the law. Therefore, we inform all citizens that the safest way to travel abroad is with a passport that is not expired, responded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry does not explain which are the countries that have not accepted our country’s legal changes, but calls on all citizens living on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia to contact the Ministry of Interior as the only competent institution for issuing passports in the country and request timely issuance of appropriate travel documents as the only safe way to travel abroad.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior announced that citizens will be able to use their travel documents which have expired or will expire after July 31, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

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