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Thursday, April 25, 2024

European Union – Morocco partnership 2020-2021 based on solidarity partnership and renewal

Mrs. Claudia Wiedey, EU Ambassador, has held a press conference today, in which the terms of solidarity partnership and renewal have characterized the 2020 review and the 2021 perspectives.

At the heart of the health crisis, the European Union has made a political commitment to support the important efforts led by the Moroccan State since the first days of the pandemic. Thus, in 2020, with exceptional speed and responsiveness, the European Union has effectively released the €450 million of promised subsidies, in particular to vital sectors such as health, social protection and education.

“This health crisis has once again demonstrated that the historic partnership established with Morocco, based on mutual trust and the solidity of its foundations, has allowed an unprecedented rapid reaction by the European Union towards its partner”, said Mrs Wiedey. “ Beyond its human and solidarity dimensions, it is called to strengthen further in its principles of mutual respect, co-ownership, accountability and transparency. Together we have started 2021 with the common ambition of a renewal, whose milestones were laid on 9 February with the EU communication for “a new agenda for the Mediterranean””.

Together, the EU and Morocco are committed to supporting the post-covid-19 recovery with the transition to a more sustainable society and consumption patterns; strengthening policy ambition and implementing climate strategies; highlighting the economic opportunities of a greener, cleaner economy; and strengthening regional cooperation.

Unlocking economic potential, adapting to the challenges revealed by the pandemic, seizing opportunities to rebuild better by fighting climate change, are the ambitions that the European Union shares with Morocco.

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