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Czechia will open its first Ronald McDonald House in 2022

The first Czech Ronald McDonald House is set to complete construction and open its doors to 21 families in the second half of 2022. This house will be built for parents with children who are suffering from serious, long-term illnesses.

RMHC is an independent non-profit organisation that supports families all over the world by giving them access to free, temporary accommodation near their children’s hospitals. Currently, the RHMC has built almost 400 homes in over 40 countries around the world. As such, it has helped support hundreds of thousands of parents and seriously ill children.

Generally, parents have no other choice but to spend money on food and travel when their children spend time in hospital. In addition to this, they must also either spend the night in uncomfortable chairs, commute back and forth, or spend more money on accommodation in order to be close to their children.

For this reason, the Ronald McDonald Houses are typically built in close proximity to hospitals. Therefore, the first such house in the Czech Republic will be constructed near the University Hospital in Motol. It is important to note that this hospital is the largest medical facility in the Czech Republic, housing the largest oncology and haematology centre for children.

Characteristics of the House
The first Czech Ronald McDonald House will have 21 family rooms, with each room having its own private bathroom and a maximum capacity of four people. To ensure that families feel supported and connected with others who are in a similar situation, the house will also offer a shared kitchen, living area, playroom and laundry room.

Taking care of a child with a long-term illness is extremely challenging. Knowing this, the RMHC will also have volunteers and employees who will take care of the House as well as serve dinner on weekdays and brunch on weekends.

In the gallery above, one can view the design plans for the Ronald McDonald House in Czechia. Thus, it is easy to see that the RMHC is doing all they possibly can to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of families.

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