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Chinese contractor of Malaysia’s mega rail project joins flood relief efforts

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) has recently joined efforts to provide relief assistance and transportation of essential supplies to local communities that have been hit by the recent flood, reported Xinhua news agency.

With the east coast state of Pahang being the worst affected, CCCC, which is the main contractor of the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and Malaysia Rail Link (MRL), the project’s owner, have reached out to the state authorities to offer flood relief assistance, the two companies said on Monday.

Since last week, CCCC offices in Maran, Pahang have provided transportation and supplies to flood relief centres as well as providing manpower and machinery like excavators to assist in Maran town cleanup efforts. It has also assisted the Public Works Department in cordoning off damaged roads in Maran to ensure traffic safety in the affected areas.

In Temerloh district, CCCC has also provided lorries to transport supplies and equipment to flood relief centres as well as nearby areas.

CCCC’s managing director Bai Yinzhan, in charge of the railway project, expressed concerns over the widespread flooding that affected several states along the country’s east coast and said the company would do its best to channel various forms of assistance be it machinery, manpower, food supplies, among others, to aid in the relief and recovery efforts.

“Staying true to our belief in creating value and giving back to the society, we will continue our efforts to lessen the burden of the flood victims by working closely with the local authorities in aiding in flood relief efforts. We would like to extend our sympathy and compassion to those who have lost their loved ones and properties in the flood,” he said.

Severe flooding and poor weather in Malaysia have displaced thousands since last week, with some 24,000 people still being sheltered at 252 flood relief centres in four states including Pahang, Johor, Kelantan and the northern Borneo state of Sabah as of Monday afternoon.

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