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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bytyqi: We are working to increase the minimum wage to 18 thousand denars

The minimum wage is still not dignified and when the economic conditions will be good we will try to increase it to 18,000 denars, but now is not the time. Only three years ago the minimum wage was MKD 8,500 in certain sectors, while 9,000 in all sectors. Today it is 15,194 denars and this shows whether we have the political will to increase it or not, ordered today the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi.

“We aim for the minimum wage to be higher than 60 percent of the average wage, but when the economy will be productive and efficient enough to create growth that it can allow. The minimum wage in our country was 40 percent of the average, while now we have reached 53.4 percent. We aim for 60 percent, but this is being done gradually. In the government program we said that the minimum wage will be 18,000 and the average wage 36,000 denars and this is exactly what we want to achieve. We will go even further from this and we will reach the minimum wage of 20,000 denars. “When will we not talk about the economic crisis”, said the Deputy Prime Minister in response to the question before the beginning of the panel discussion “Creative approach and strategy in creating youth employment programs”.

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