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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Bytyqi: The average salary will continue to rise

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi expects the average salary to reach 30,000 denars in June this year, when 4 years have passed since the government. The indicators for January and February, as he says, are optimistic. If the epidemiological situation worsens and additional measures are needed, he announced that the Government is ready to act with new measures.

“The average salary is constantly increasing and will continue to increase. In December 2020, the average salary is 28,294 denars, which is an increase of 5 percent compared to December 2019, or an increase of over 15 percent compared to 2017. The average salary is increasing due to salary increase minimum, which rose from 8,000 or 9,000 denars to 14,500 and the average wage will continue to rise because the economy demands it, because the labor market imposes it. The measures for supporting companies are designed in such a way as to support companies that pay stable salaries for employees, we do not give a single penny to those companies that pay the minimum wages of employees. We expect that in June 2021, when in fact it is 4 years since the rule of this Government, we will reach the average salary of 30,000 denars. In 2017, 4 minimum wages were needed to satisfy the consumer basket, now 2.2 minimum wages are needed, while we try to make 1.5 minimum wages sufficient for the consumer basket “, said Bytyqi.

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