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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Anti-mask’ Senator ordered to wear face covering on her first day in Parliament

Diana Sosoaca whose vocal anti-mask rhetoric won her a seat in the Romanian Senate was forced to put on a face covering on her first day in the Parliament.

Ms Sosoaca, a member of the nationalist Alliance for he Union of Romanians, refused to mask up when the new Parliament met for the first time on Monday, claiming the regulation was unconstitutional.

She said she had a note from her family doctor exempting her from wearing a mask due to an unspecified medical condition.

At the swearing in ceremony, she continued the anti-mask rhetoric.

„The obligation to wear a mask violates the Romanian constitution,” she said as she took her oath.

However, Liberal Senator Iulia Scantei said the doctor’s note wasn’t good enough, and and she needed an exemption from the Senate’s doctor.

The Bucharest Public Health Department then ruled that she needed a medical certificate from the Senate to be granted an exemption.

She was finally forced to put on a mask in the Parliament.

She later posted a video on her Facebook page saying she’d she’d take legal action against anyone who published her medical records.

She also said she would check whether the masks lawmakers were wearing respected safety standards.

The ultra-conservative party know by its initials, AUR, an acronym for ‘gold’ in Romanian came from seemingly nowhere to win 9% in Dec. parliamentary elections.

It ran on an anti-vaccine, anti-mask, pro-church and anti-EU message.

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