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59% increase in Romanian capital investments in local start-ups in 2020 (analysis)

Investments in local start-ups attracted last year by 59% more Romanian capital compared to the previous one, according to the Romanian Venture Report 2020 analysis, published on Thursday by How to Web, according to AGERPRES.

Thus, according to the specialized report, in 2020, there were 58 investments worth 30.39 million euros and a 6% increase in the volume of investments and a 51% increase in the number of transactions compared to 2019.

Also, the number of start-ups that received an investment for the first time doubled in 2020 compared to 2019, from 18 to 39, and the total amount increased from 5.65 million euros to 13.92 million euros. The average value of an investment received by a start-up increased by 12% to 357,000 euros, compared to the reference period.

According to the analysis, some local start-ups, such as TypingDNA, Deepstash or Soleadify, have also managed to attract international capital, an important validation element of local investments.

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